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My full name is Aziz Rezgani;

You can call me Rezgani, though.

I’m a No-Code Systems Development Freelancer at Fiverr.

I love helping professionals all over the world find efficient solutions to their problems using critical thinking.

I care about technology and the impact it has on society and people.

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I was born and raised in Tunisia and two years ago I traveled to study in Malaysia after I received a full scholarship from the Xiamen University Chinese campus in the country.


I enjoy solving complex problems through minimal solutions that have deep impacts on individuals and communities.


I'm interested in putting a wide smile on people’s faces by helping them solve problems. In a nutshell, I bridge the gap ****between ideas and execution.

Professional Skills.

I consider myself a No Code expert, Systems Developer, and project manager. My main area of expertise has been helping companies create, manage, and document projects as well as record resources as a way to help cut costs and time.

Hard Skills

Soft Skills



Feel free to get in touch anytime or reach out if you need anything;

Sunsuria City, Sepang, Selangor SE, Malaysia

Phone: ‪+216 29 (708) 136‬

Mobile: +60 11 (144) 21411

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